Do You Fancy Sex In A Car?

Have you ever thought about having sex in a car?

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I think the purpose of getting a driver's license as a teenager is car sex porn. For as long as I remember, the backseat was a synonym for car sex videos. My high school friends enjoyed the merits of backseat sex videos. But I was deprived of a public car sex experience. I was introduced to the advantages of car sex in public when I was in college.My sex car video adventure happened a long time ago, and I don't remember every single detail. My college acquaintance and I have talked about car sex porn videos for months. His Ford Taurus was a place for public car sex videos because he shared a dorm with two more horny guys. Every night we talked about his car sex videos, and I got curious. I wanted to have my first sex video in the car, and he was the perfect person for it. After we discussed sex videos cars, he came to pick me up on Friday night. We drove to the secluded area out of the city. He found a path that leads to the old and rusty house. I was puzzled because I didn't want to get caught in car porn. But, he assured me no one lives there. We dived into the matter immediately, kissing and ripping each other's clothes. I remember I was so horny. But I couldn't help myself, and I had to turn a few times to see if anybody was around. I didn't want to get busted for an in-car sex video. I think we all shared this feeling once. After I sucked his cock and got a proper pussy play, I suggested we get comfortable in the backseat of his Ford. Since it was spring, it was warm outside. I wore a short dress without panties. When we were exiting the car, the wind lifted my dress and gave my friend a perfect view of my perky ass. That was too much for him because he was naked in a blink of an eye. I lay on my back and spread my legs, waiting for him to roll on the condom. We started in the missionary pose and ended with a cowgirl ride. I rode him until I felt my orgasm ripping through my body. Luck was on my side that day because he ejaculated seconds later. I wasn't in the mood for another round because I was exhausted from all the humping. And, let's not forget the heat and the small space. After we cleaned ourselves, we were ready to roll. But then something terrible happened. I saw the light in the house switching on. We both were silent for a minute, observing the house to see will anyone appear at the window. More likely, my dear friend didn't wait for that long. He kicked the gas and sped off into the night. That was a hell of a fun experience for me, but anyway I was shaking like a scared little rabbit. By the end of college, we had so much car sex. Sometimes we did it in daylight, sometimes on and on top of the car. And we almost got caught while having car sex near the crowded highway. Some douchebag reported us. Pervert. Over the years, I learned that the best thing is not to plan anything. Car sex should be spontaneous between two people lusting for each other. When you plan these things, it loses the charm. I also learned that every car comes equipped with the things you can use for a BDSM play. You never thought about it, didn't you? You can use a seat belt to restrain your partner. If the seat belt doesn't work for you, you can use a scarf, bikini, or your dress. When you don't have a blindfold by your side, you can use heavily tinted sunglasses as a substitute. Your lover won't have a clear view of what you are doing, so surprise him down there. And, you can use a flashlight or manual for cars as a tool for spanking. I know I am clever and creative. Now, I am 28, and I have a different routine for car sex. I realized a car isn't a place for a long sexual activity. It's a thing for quickies and nothing more. My boss and I use the car for appetizing before we eat. If you know what I mean. When I want to have a long and passionate fuck, I bring a man to my house. Sometimes I am in the mood for slow lovemaking. With women, you could never know. From my experience, one-night stands are a rarely good sex experience. Especially in the car, where you can't show all your sexual skills. But, it can also be good. What matters the most is the chemistry between people. And I don't want to brag, but I slay chemistry in every possible way.


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